Spy. A Movie Review

Spy. Featuring Melissa McCarthy,Jason Statham, Miranda Hart, Jude Law. Release date June 2015

Off to a little bit of a slow start, Spy soon had me in hysterics and is a great movie. With Melissa McCarthy playing the leading lady in this Johnny English, Get Smart/Kingsman style movie it is sure to appeal to everyone.

An all star cast of Jude Law, Jason Stratham, Rosie Byrne and even Miranda Hart this film has a great balance of humour, action and stupidity.

Rosie Byrne for me however is the scene steeler. Her dry and at times crude humour is amazing.  She plays the role of Villaness Rayna Boyanov.

The film sees some of its top secret agents ( Law and Statham amoungst them )named and therefore unable to work out in the ‘field’, so who is going to  stop the missing nuclear bomb from going off?

Enter everyones favourite assistant/side kick Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy.). Despite having an amazing training academy record she is the unsung desk warrior behind the great agent Bradley Fine ( Jude Law ).

Melissa McCarthy lends her trade mark humour to this movie and needs to other names to help her carry an entire movie.

A great movie to watch either at the cinema or at home and equally as good to watch with friends, a loved one or even the family.
Melissa McCarthy, Spy the Movie, Comedy , Actress

A great film for a movie location scout as well as this film takes place across Europe and may even ignite the travel bug in you. I watched this after a good gym session and feel I got a good continued ab work out with the laughs in  this movie.

Some foul language but all for comic effect, kick ass fight scenes and for those more die hard gore and fight scene fans out there, there is something for you too. 

I am giving this movie a solid 4 on the Movie Punch Scale.



IMDB link to Spy.


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