St Vincent

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A beautiful piece of cinema seeing Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy on top form as per usual.

Expecting more of a typical comedy based on the trailer, I was pleasantly surprised that the film provided much then this. Giving you depth and emotion as well as laughter, it was a great movie to sit down and with my friend and enjoy on a festive sunday evening. St Vincent is one of the rare cases where I feel the trailer didn’t give away all the best bits. Laughs are to be had but this movie goes into so much more then the trailer would let on.

We are introduced to Vincent (Bill Murray) who at first glance just looks to be a bitter old man with a drinking problem. Once his new neighbour, single mother Maggie ( Melissa McCarthy ) and son Oliver ( Jaeden Lieber) move in next door, we start to learn a lot more about Murray’s character and see a different side to him. Going through a divorce and working every hour possible Maggie is forced to use Murray along with his ‘lady of the night’ friend Daka (played by Naomi Watts) as baby sitters. An odd but endearing friendship blossoms between the Vincent and Oliver and by the end of the film you are sure to have a tear in your end.

It was nice to see Melissa not in her usual iconic laddish humour style of character but with more emotion and some dry quick one liners thrown in to showcase her humour skills. Jaeden Lieberher, a pretty much unknown child actor brings an innocence that is so endearing but also provides such humour. I can see him being on the new ‘To watch’ list.

Bill Murray is sublime in this movie, but lets face it when has he not delivered a great performance!? I really enjoy the enigma around Murray and the whole you can only contact him with a possible movie idea though his 0800 Number. His partnership with Naomi Watts in the move is strange but fantastic, their on screen dynamics are great providing some great banter and laughs. He really shows how life can take its toll on a person with his performance in this movie but yet you cant help but warm to his character.

I can’t recommend it enough, such superb acting talent and a warm feel good movie although it tackles some really difficult issues.

Giving you 5 Movie Punches on a more Love Actually then Die Hard movie.


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