The little Gem that is the Soho Theatre. Reviewing the show 'Credible likeable Superstar Role Model'

The little Gem that is the Soho Theatre. Reviewing the show ‘Credible likeable Superstar Role Model’

I’m guilty of always classing seeing a ‘show, concert or play’ as being a West End show or mainstream music festival. But a few weeks ago I was introduced, by my lovely friend Susannah, to the  Soho Theatre, which is Considered more of a ‘fringe’ venue for shows. I’m glad I finally got to go and see a show at the allusive ‘soho theatre’ that I had heard so much about. Being a performer myself it’s pretty bad that I had never been, but now that I have I feel much more in the ‘theatre world’ loop and can join in conversations now if people mention the theatre haha 🙂 .

Winning a fair few awards at Edinburg fringe festival 2013 ‘Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model’ by Bryony Kimmings was recommended to us by my friends husband.
Walking into the theatre I immediately realised I had found one of the only air conditioned places in London,Slipping my jacket on we sat down waiting to see what the show had to offer.
It opened with quite an abstract scene, a lady dressed in lederhosen’s had her younger co-star ( dressed remarkably like her in a mini me fashion ) on a toddler leash skipping round a big tree. The show just snowballed from there into this random but highly comical show touching on varying subjects such as agism, bullying, peer pressure, role models, media saturation and influences to name a few..
Bryony Kimmings humour was very much fit to be on the TV show ‘Smack the Pony’. Dry with quick punch lines, delivered in such a way that had me laughing throughout the entire show and if I wasn’t laughing I was deep in thought at the themes that were brought to light. The young girl ( Taylor  Houchen) showed performance and talent that was not made by a pushy stage mum or hopes of becoming the next big celebrity but for the joy of performing and working with her Auntie, which was so endearing to watch and really added that extra element to the show.
Costume changes, crazy dance routines to Jessie J songs, endless props provided us with much hilarity and all before 9PM. With the Soho theatre being such a find I am sure to try and see many more shows there.

The show itself is back on in October so make sure to go check it out!!!!

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