The Theory of Everything.

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The Theory of Everything.

The Theory of Everything. Starring Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones    UK Release date January 2015

Beautifully tragic, Beautifully inspiring.

If anyone ever needed kick up the arse and make them want to do more with their life – this is it.  Now having seen the movie I feel ashamed that I did not know more about Steven Hawkins. Such a brilliant man and a true story of how to over come all odds.

The Theory of Everything explores the relationship between Steven Hawkins and his Wife – showing both the highs and lows of love, career and illness.

I enjoyed how the film not only fixated on the fact that Mr Hawkins had motor neurone disease or that he has a brilliant mind but the film managed to incorporate so many aspects of his life, career, love. Almost giving us his story from different points of view such as his wife and friends.

As soon as you see the movie you will see why Edward Redmayne is winning every ‘Leading Actor’ or “outstanding Male Actor’ award about. What a challenging role to play, not only pushing yourself mentally but physically as well. I would be really interested to hear of his preparation for this role whether it was to observe and spend time with Steven himself or other methods.

Felicity Jones is also fantastic in the movie.  I really enjoyed how they explored this side of his life. Such a strong woman who gave up so much for love. And may I add she was extremely fertile being able to pop out children at such a stressful time.

A true tale of love, friendship, intelligence and how determination and courage can help you over come great obstacles to achieve your goals.

More on the Love actually side of movie then Die Harder but the easiest 5 movie punches I have ever given:

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