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So getting up at the ungodly hour of 4.10am meant only one thing…. VEGAS!!!I was excited, sluggish, had those sleepy new born mole eyes but excited to go to Vegas!!. Having been to DC the weekend prior I was already exhausted and you know that you never sleep as well when you have to get up early.10 Mins late my shuttle arrived and I was off. Booking a crazy early flight from an airport in another state ( Newark, New Jersey ) just because it was cheap sounded good at the time… Note to self, don’t do this again.I had several friends who lived in Vegas and a friend of mine from Chicago who I have not seen since 2009 was flying out to meet me as well. He needed a break from work and vacations are always fun with a partner in crime.

Landing at 11am my friend Suzie picked me up in her brand new fancy car. Me and Suzie worked together on Royal Caribbean and last saw each other in May 2013 when her ship docked in Southampton. She now lives in Vegas and is a fierce dancer in Vegas the Show! at the Planet Hollywood hotel. Turns out she lives in a killer pad and shares the place with her boyfriend, 3 friends and 2 lovely little dogs. We spent the better part of the morning catching up, playing with the doggies and eating red velvet Brownies. Suzie is no joke when it comes to dessert.


We then did a little stop off at the Town Square outdoor mall before heading to my hotel. The Town Square is an outdoor shopping mall designed around a European Village. Great places to eat and a less hectic area to shop –Town Square Las Vegas

I was staying at the Excalibur hotel, when booking accommodation this was the cheapest hotel but when I arrived it was more then enough. Reminding me of my Disney days I felt at home and King of the castle (Bad pun intended). A lovely room on the 20th floor with a nice view down the strip – don’t mind if I do.


Once Nick ( my friend from Chicago ) arrived we went on a little exploration date, walking through some of the hotels and taking in the sights. Visually overwhelming I enjoyed the heat as we walked about, eventually meeting one of his friend Eric for a few drinks and then I met my friend from high school who I have not seen in 7 years Chris. After meeting his now wife on a cruise ship, Chris lives in Vegas happily married and is a singer in the show Jubilee !! One of the longest running shows in Vegas, this show has everything you want from a typical Vegas show –  Singers, dancers ( topless at times)and   amazing scenery. Jubilee can be found at the Bally’s Hotel: Jubilee the show.

The weather was great, so day two had us back out and exploring again.  We hit up the iconic Las Vegas sign,

checked out some more crazy hotels and then saw Britney. Every hotel was awesome, the interior in regards to what it held was the same for each one – shops, casino, restaurants but each with a different theme and each one trying to out do the prior one. The Bellagio and Caesars Palace were probably my Favourites.

The Britney Spears show was phenomenal. The dancers were insane!! As she only does roughly 50 shows a year that gives the dancers enough shows to have the performance ingrained in their bodies but not too many shows that they get bored. The visual effects were amazing – great lighting, great set and use of television screens. The audience loved it and I myself am not the biggest Britney fan but this show was definitely worth the money.

Thursday was a pivotal day for me – this was the day I got up early to try and get an iPhone 6. The tax was a bit different in Nevada so it was even cheaper, this had to be the time!! I asked at two apple stores and both said about getting to the store early/before it opens. I was told 8am was an acceptable time as the stores didn’t open till 10am. Not like those crazy 6am NYC lot. Needless to say getting in line at 8.30 and queueing for 3 hours allowed me to get an Iphone 6 yay!!! 3 attempts in 3 different states and I finally had one 🙂

After this I then had to dash back to the hotel as today was our Helicopter ride day!! Being one of the 7 natural wonders of the world as soon as we got close I could see why. Seeming as if the rocks had been carved into such beautiful cliffs and caverns we then landed in the Grand Canyon for a champaign lunch!! It was amazing and well worth the money – we flew with Papillon which we found to be the cheapest helicopter provider.

Once we landed back at base we then went to go and see my friend who was the Saxophonist in the show Zombie Burlesque. A random but hilarious comedy variety show giving you the best bits of a Vegas show with a Michael Jackson Thriller twist.

On my last day I finally managed to get in the Hotel swimming pool for an hour before lunch with friends and then went and saw Vegas! The show which starred 3 of my friends. Kick ass dancing and phenomenal singers this show had it all. Great variety guest acts and scenery, in a nice small intimate theatre. We then partied the night away at a new club called Liaison which was at the Bally’s Hotel.

Vegas did not disappoint and I can’t wait to go back again. I was lucky enough to see the non tourist part of Vegas as well due to having friends live there and it is definitely a city I will be visiting again soon.

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