West End Bake Off

West End Bake Off

A few weeks back I had the  pleasure of working with the West End Bake Off  team to help raise money for the charity Acting for Others: http://actingforothers.co.uk/

Everyone loves Bake Off and let’s face it, who doesn’t love the theatre? The event took place on May 20th at the Actors church in Covent Garden. The turnout was fantastic with several West End musicals taking part and crowds a plenty.

A little more information on Acting for Others:

For every successful performer, there are hundreds of actors, dancers, musicians, lighting technicians, scene painters, wardrobe staff, front of house, backstage staff who are not so fortunate. They may be suffering from illness, injury, be caring for a child with special needs, or have reached an age when they simply can no longer work to support themselves or make ends meet.’ 

Acting for Others is made up of 15 individual theatrical charities – each with their own remit. Between them the member charities dispense over £2 million to hundreds of people within the profession every year.

A little preview of some of the shows that were present:

West End Bake Off

                                                    And the winners were….

At the West End Bake Off we managed to raise a massive £5,000 and trend on Twitter in what was a truly amazing day. The shows loved it, the crowds loved it and we even had some celebrity judges who said that the West End bakers baking skills wiped the dance floor of all of the tv show Bake Off contenders.

West End Bake Off

Find out what people had to say:


You can still donate and you can find out more information below: 







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